TODAY   |  August 21, 2013

Find your ‘power pose’ to boost workplace success

New research shows that posture can have a huge impact on performance in the office, and that striking a “power pose” actually changes a person’s hormone levels. The TODAY anchors give it a shot, practicing firm stances and staking out broad surfaces in order to convey control, confidence and dominance.

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>> it reminds you of minority report where the eyes are picked up by the cameras.

>> but if you're not on a list you're okay.

>> nothing to worry about.

>> trending on the wall street journal , are you striking the right pose? the popper posture can have a big impact on your mind and body and success. the way you carry yourself changes your hormones and behavior making you feel as though you have power. we decided to try a few poses ourselves. which are the true power poses?

>> i'm going with b.

>> i'm going with a.

>> because he knows he's in control.

>> apparently a, expansively taking up a large swath of desktop like al likes to do conveys power and confidence. here's three more. there's two power photos in this one.

>> i'm going with a.

>> i'm going with c.

>> very good. a and c. a broad surface conveys control. and expresses power and dominance.

>> interesting. i thought maybe we could do a little yoga.

>> yeah, the pose.

>> yeah, the eagle.

>> reminds me a little.

>> that's kind of a twisted character.

>> anyway, what are some of your favorite power poses? let us know on twitter using