TODAY   |  August 21, 2013

One Direction fans flock to new 3-D documentary

Relatively unknown three years ago, the British boy band are stirring frenzy in the U.S. that some compare Beatlemania. Now One Direction fans are buzzing over their latest production: a 3-D documentary. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> we are just two days from one direction mania out here at rockefeller plaza and last night we got a preview as the world's most popular boy band premiered their debut movie. here's michelle kosinski .

>> reporter: standing room only crowd with braces, tears, hair and high pitched squeals camping for days. that is a toddler with a pacifier. that can only mean one thing. [ music playing ]

>> reporter: one direction.

>> they just changed my life.

>> reporter: you're not going to cry on me are you?

>> no.

>> hang in there. hold it together girl.

>> reporter: it seems few can in their presence.

>> they're just really sweet and cute.

>> yeah, they're so cute.

>> reporter: yet these guys were unknown three years ago.

>> i decided to put you through.

>> reporter: put together for the competition show the x factor , they lost but simon cowell signed them and --

>> this is crazy.

>> madness.

>> ridiculous.

>> reporter: selling tens of millions of records, sold out world tours. tens of millions of followers known as directioners.

>> if i tweeted i didn't like one direction would you come beat me up.

>> not that type of fan.

>> reporter: now a movie called this is us from the director of super size me.

>> it's the closest thing in my time i've ever seen to beatle mania.

>> reporter: these fab 5 performed at the olympics, graced gq, dated taylor swift and appeals to girls, and ladies around the world.

>> niles or harry?

>> none of them.

>> what.

>> reporter: one stop to massive fame. michelle kosinski , nbc news london.

>> are you ready?

>> i don't know. let me see.

>> over here there's about 80 people camped out including a couple of infants across the street.

>> you're kidding.

>> i think those puppies were here actually.