Image: Chancey Luna, Michael Jones, James Edwards Jr
Stephens County Sheriffs Dept. / AP

TODAY   |  August 21, 2013

Oklahoma teens charged in ‘thrill killing’

Three teenagers have been charged in what some are calling the “thrill killing” of a college baseball star after one of the suspects told officials “we were bored. We had nothing to do. We decided we’d kill somebody.”

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>> on the shocking crime in oklahoma , the so-called thrill killing of a man from australia that's pleading the calls for australian tourists to boycott the u.s. randy has the latest.

>> reporter: good morning, carl. residents are shocked, saddens and bewilders of the killing of a baseball star from australia . news is making headlines around the world. on a street corner in duncan , oklahoma , the small memorial sparks the spot where her boyfriend, 22-year-old christopher lane was gunned down.

>> a lot of support from the town. it means a lot.

>> reporter: a small town in shock still trying to understand why lane, an australian in the u.s. pursuing his passion of baseball was killed while simply jogging on friday. three teenagers have been charged. 15-year-old james edwards junior and 16-year-old chancey luna are charged as adults and michael jones is charged as an accessory after the fact .

>> as was stated by the 17-year-old. we were bored. we had nothing to do. we decided we would kill somebody.

>> reporter: in court tuesday a chaotic scene as the three were arraigned. their families and friends trying to make sense of the killing.

>> it's just hard i mean --

>> reporter: halfway around the world in melburne, australia , christopher lane 's grief stricken family and friends went to the baseball field where christopher played.

>> we lost something that will never be replaced.

>> reporter: speaking to the people of australia , the prosecutor said this is not duncan , oklahoma .

>> this is not something that we see happen here and i'm going to do everything i can to ensure that we see these three thugs pay for what they did to christopher lane .

>> reporter: a former deputy prime minister for australia is urging a tourism boycott of the united states as a protest to the gun culture here in america. also the superintendent of duncan schools posted a letter on the school's website warning parents amid anonymous threats, carl.