TODAY   |  August 20, 2013

Anchors reveal things they hated as children

TODAY’s Al Roker and Natalie Morales and guest co-host Mel B share recollections of things they hated when they were younger, such as naps, dark chocolate and haircuts.

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>> interesting article called things you hated as a child but love now. listing a range of things such as your siblings.

>> yeah.

>> being banished to your room. bedtime and being mistaken for younger than you are.

>> that's a good thing now.

>> that is a good one.

>> who would mind that.

>> yeah.

>> back when you were a kid not so much but now, yes.

>> you hated what?

>> i didn't like naps and dark chocolate .

>> and now you live for that.

>> now i like a good nap and i don't mind dark chocolate .

>> try this dark chocolate palate.

>> i sense a set up here. i saw a rabbit back there. you can't fool me. i don't know, smells like carro carrots.

>> what did you hate, mel?

>> i didn't like being sent to bed but now i would love to go to bed.

>> yes, any time of day as a matter of fact.

>> yeah.

>> well, i didn't like dark chocolate either as a kid. now i love it. especially the little chocolate pellet ones. i also nap. love naps now. but pack then it used to be a fight. and hair cuts and exercise. i hated hair cuts and yesterday. this was me yesterday al. i decided to go for the short do.

>> that looks great on you.

>> no.

>> that looks spectacular.

>> no.

>> you look fantastic. oh my gosh.

>> when they showed me this picture yesterday i thought that's jennifer goodwin.

>> you look terrific. you should show joe that.

>> no, he likes long hair. no.

>> just in general or on you?

>> i can see him walking up to fabio, i like you.

>> blonde flowy locks.

>> your face could handle a shortcut. it could.

>> i didn't like exercise then and i hate it now. it stinks.

>> but you do it.

>> yeah but i --

>> you like the after effect.

>> no, i don't. i'm just happy it's done. my goal -- i'm always thrilled when my trainer doesn't show up. he gets stuck in the subway i'm going yeah. yeah. i didn't have to lie and say oh i can't make it, i have an update.

>> i don't mind exercise. i like the feeling afterwards.

>> yeah.

>> it's the afterwards that we all love and feeling good about yourself.

>> all right mr. roker.