TODAY   |  August 20, 2013

What women are hiding at work: Shoes

New York magazine has revealed that a surprising number of women are hoarding footwear underneath their desks at work. TODAY employees unearth piles of shoes in behind-the-scenes footage, prompting Savannah and Natalie to comment on the comfort and “versatility” of multiple office shoes.

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>> woman's desk.

>> yes.

>> you know that.

>> i've looked under women's desk.

>> women have a secret stash of shoes underneath their desk.

>> that's what you were talking about?

>> exactly. we toured our offices here today to find out.

>> welcome to my shoe collection. as you can see, it's -- i can't pull it out.

>> i have one, two, three, four, six pairs of heels.

>> i have, i don't know, ten pairs under here as you can see.

>> you've got the flip flops just for lazy days.

>> it's more efficient to keep your shoes at work because you never know what you're going to need.

>> you got a pair of wedges.

>> heels for when i get to the office. another pair of flats. and you can't go wrong with nudes.

>> you can pick any color, any height, every style. gives you everything you need in the office.

>> don't tell my husband i have this many in the office, though.

>> this way at least she can buy more.

>> she can say i only own 10 pair.

>> but she actually has 15. we outed you.

>> that's crazy.

>> this doesn't get into the medicine cabinets in our desk drawer.

>> and snack drawers.

>> the snack drawer is big.

>> we also asked you to send us your photos and we got quite a response. wow.

>> look at this.

>> that's crazy.

>> i don't think guys do that.

>> no. we're not hoarders apparently.

>> it doesn't have anything to do with hoarding. it's about being comfortable.

>> versatility.