TODAY   |  August 20, 2013

Choose your playlist wisely: Music impacts driving

A new study shows that what you play in your car can have a major influence on how well you drive. Teenagers who play their own favorite songs are more likely to get into accidents. Speeding and one-handed driving are shown to be common bad habits of distracted drivers.

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>>> we already know that fumbling with buttons while driving to find a good song was linked to greater accidents while people are disstratracted. we learned the song itself could have the same effect. teenage drivers that played their own music created more traffic violations than those that picked songs randomly. they also decreased the songs played for him. speeding and one handed driving were among the most common violations. but it makes sense.

>> of course it makes sense.

>> especially if you're savannah and doing the side clap as you listen.

>> yeah.

>> 10 and 2.

>> that's right.