TODAY   |  August 20, 2013

Goodies on the plaza for Fan Appreciation Week

On day two of Fan Appreciation Week, TODAY fans sweat it out on the plaza in a free spin class hosted by Flywheel: “I’m supposed to be on vacation,” jokes one Middle Tennessee State basketball player. Luckily, the workout is followed by relaxing massages from Bliss Spa.

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>>> it's a tuesday morning, august 20th , 2013 . it's fan appreciation week here on the plaza. look what we have going here. we have a spinning class for some members of our audience. most of them seem pretty happy about this. they're getting direction from instructors from fly wheel and after they get off the bikes they're enjoying massages from the folks at bliss spa. so we thank both of them. are you enjoying this?

>> i am, very much.

>> would you have done this had we not asked you to do it.

>> are you a spinner?

>> i used to be.

>> you used to be. well welcome back.

>> what's your name.

>> tara.

>> nice to have you.

>> this is her daughter. are you looking forward to the spinning or massage more?

>> massage. i need a break after this.

>> you play basketball in kentucky.

>> middle tennessee state . they're watching me making fun of me.