TODAY   |  August 20, 2013

First photos of Prince George released

Prince William and Duchess Kate are glowing in photos of their infant son, Prince George, that were released yesterday. Surprisingly, the pictures were not taken by a professional photographer, but by the Duchess’s father.

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>>> of four week old prince george .

>> yeah.

>> michelle kosinski is at buckingham palace . michelle, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. in true william and kate diy style, these are no professional photos. in fact, they seemed almost designed to show that william and kate are doing okay as well as the baby prince.

>> they could almost be anyone's family photos. kate still looking radiant. william gallantly taking the brunt of bad back lighting and there, that tiny face, yes, proof that prince george is adorable. but they could hardly be blamed for not trying to wake up the little guy. these official pictures were taken at kate 's parents place by kate 's dad. even the dog is in there. in fact, william said this about kate --

>> she is doing a fantastic job.

>> how is she? okay?

>> yes, very well.

>> he is doing all right. taking time to adapt. but he has been all right so far. he has been slobbering around the house a bit. he's perfectly happy.

>> and william , the first ever futu is wearing a badge of honor.

>> he's growing quickly. he's a fighter. he wiggle around a lot and doesn't like his seat which is a little bit of a problem.

>> so you get up at night.

>> not as much as catherine.

>> sometimes they were serious and sometimes the most nervous person in the room was the photographer.

>> you couldn't actually talk to them in anyway shape or form. direct them in anyway shape or form. you had 7 minutes to capture these world shattering photographs or so we hope for.

>> william and kate , the picture of modern parents calling their future king a bit of a rascal.

>> i am actually quite looking forward to it.

>> and in further proof that the grass is always greener , of course when you're born royal, yeah, you just want to be normal. they could have all the help in the world but william says he and kate like to do things themselves whenever possible and it seems, at this point at least, they still have not hired a nanny. matt?

>> all right, michelle kosinski . it cracks me up that here are these pictures saying here's our family and people are online criticizing the photos. back lighting.

>> they look just like our pictures.

>> i love that it was taken by michael middleton in their backyard.

>> no one has red eye . let's focus on the positive.

>> exactly.

>> no honor of these photos we decided to ask our viewers if they wanted to share baby pictures they love.

>> oh, cute.

>> katie is three months old.

>> evelyn barnes is, that's minutes. 8 days old. that's a good one.

>> here's baby sky coming up. cute and the last one, jackson.

>> maybe not a morning person.

>> kind of looks like us in the morning.

>> but a little bit of