TODAY   |  August 20, 2013

New NFL rule on bags has women playing defense

If you’re heading to a pro football game anytime soon, you can leave your bag at home.  A new ban on large bags inside NFL stadiums has gone into effect, and many fans were already being turned away last night.

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>> new rule at professional football games that has women on the defensive. large bags no longer allowed at any stadium. janet is at fed ex field where the ban was put to the test last night. good morning.

>> hey, matt. women's purses tend to look like weekend bags these days. i might recognize this one and many of us wouldn't dream about leaving home without it. if you are heading to an nfl game any time soon, this is going to have to be your new carry on of choice.

>> reporter: the nfl has new rules this season but they're being enforced. not on the field by referees but at the stadium entrance by security.

>> this one is too big.

>> i'll put it in the car.

>> reporter: it's a ban on every type of bag from backpacks to camera cases to typdiaper totes and all but the tiniest of purses.

>> fans are scrambling to comply. at the monday night game many were turned away.

>> i found out about it online before i came to the game and i thought my bag was the right size.

>> reporter: taking a page from the tsa play book, plastic freezer bags are allowed, one per person. a clear tote no larger than this is okay.

>> i'm not going to carry a ziploc bag and walk around with with a hefty bag at the game.

>> the ban follows the boston marathon bombing but applies only to football. not major league baseball or the nba.

>> in ways this is predictable after an event like boston. it's important for these large publ public gatherings to have new levels of security.

>> reporter: the move comes as the nfl is increasingly focused on the female fans and the one who usually controls the checkbook.

>> most fans when they understand what we're trying to do which is create an enhanced safety environment for our fans and also speed entry. once they understand that they're generally supportive of our new policy.

>> it could be a tough sell. a woman's purse is her world. even the guys get that.

>> so if you're bringing a camera that's still allowed but you cannot bring them in the cases and this is the nfl sanctioned approvaled largest bag you can bring in. it has to be see through. if you don't have one, they sell them for $8. i'll leave it to you guys to judge the fashion merits or lack there of of the new approved bag.

>> we're learning more about you.

>> i think they should make them available for less money than that. maybe even as part of their fan appreciation we should give some away to the first thousand people that show up or something like that.

>> a really good rationale, of course. but as women the horror of having what is in your purse visible.

>> what about our murses. you have to see this on youtube with a couple of women in outrage.

>> squinting your eyes in the sun because you don't have any of your sunglasses. living with sweating bangs because you don't have a bobby pin on you.

>> these regulations hinder our rights to access essential items such as.

>> gum.

>> my aviators. my raybans. my cheap sunglasses .

>> a smaller purse.

>> a turkey wrap, a pink berry rewards card.

>> gum.

>> every woman can relate to that.

>> the guys are like what.

>> but when you have kids too, there's a lot of kids stuff that goes in there.

>> the diaper bag .

>> clear bag.

>> clear bag of diapers. now we know what to get