TODAY   |  August 20, 2013

16 women claim harassment by San Diego mayor

More people are calling for San Diego Mayor Bob Filner to retire after 16 women have come forward claiming he sexually harassed them. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports the embattled mayor spent yesterday in a closed-door meeting with city officials and a mediator.

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>> san diego 's mayor is at a tipping point this morning in the wake of numerous sexual harassment allegations against him. joe friar is on the story. good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah. mayor filner was supposed to return to city hall yesterday but there was no sign of him. instead, sources tell our nbc station that he was in a different meeting in a closed door meeting with city leaders and a mediator. after weeks of twists and turns the saga over san diego 's mayor landed in an all day closed door mediation session. attorney gloria allred who represents some of the women accusing him of harassment emerged with one of her clients and a message from the judge.

>> he asked us not to comment except to say that the mediation is on going.

>> reporter: this comes as supporters pleaded with the public to held their judgment.

>> he is not being tried in the court of law. he is being tried in a kangaroo court . he is being tried by the media.

>> reporter: they dubbed it the stand behind filner rally and it came just one day after the so-called freedom from filner march where opponents started collecting signatures for their recall efforts.

>> now is not the time to stay on the sidelines. removing bob filner from office is a fundamental test of leadership for all in san diego .

>> reporter: calls for filner 's resignation are growing louder with 16 women accusing him of making unwanted advances.

>> and he ran his finger up my cheek like this and whispered to me, do you have a man in your life.

>> reporter: in response filner promised to seek therapy during his last public appearance in late july.

>> i must become a better person.

>> reporter: but his opponents still want him to re-sign or in the words written across san diego sky, to surrender.

>> filner was seen leaving yesterday's mediation session. no word on specifically what was discussed or whether any agreements were reached, matt.