TODAY   |  August 20, 2013

Joe Biden’s son Beau undergoing medical testing

Vice President Joe Biden is with his son Beau in Texas while he Beau undergoing medical testing after becoming weak and disoriented. NBC’s political director Chuck Todd says Beau is feeling better and had dinner with the vice president.

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>>> is undergoing medical testing in texas today after becoming weak and disoriented and the vice president has made that trip to texas to be by his side. chuck todd has the latest. what can you tell us about this?

>> he will be undergoing these tests and this is all diagnostic. the bottom line is they don't know what is causing the episodes. he had an episode while driving on a family vacation through indiana of disorientation and weakness. he checked into a hospital in chicago. from there he went to his home hospital where his doctor treated him for a minor stroke in 2010 and that was in philadelphia and from there they still can't figure out what it is. there are experts down in houston at md anderson that they're hoping can figure out what's causing the episodes. the most recent one is one of disorientation and weakness. he has been feeling fine. i'm told last night he had dinner with his father, the vice president, but now they're hoping that they can get answers from doctors.

>> we know you'll continue to follow it. chucked to in washington chuck todd in washington thank you very much.

>>> natalie has news out of pack t -- pakistan this morning.