TODAY   |  August 19, 2013

At what age should you chop your hair?

A new study shows that the golden age for a woman to chop her locks is 46. TODAY’s Natalie Morales and “America’s Got Talent” judge Mel B chat about what might bring about this sudden urge for a hair makeover.

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>> i know, right.

>> we got a good crowd.

>> the weather is nice.

>> in honor of fan appreciation week. we have been honoring them all day long.

>> i love that. i love it.

>> if you stick around, the one direction guys are going to be here on friday, so.

>> oh, i love those guys.

>> i can see you singing along with them at some point.

>> i would like to do that. they're going to be on america's got talent in two weeks time.

>> are they?

>> yeah.

>> breaking the news for us.

>> yes.

>> speaking of big interviews, there's a big interview with prince william out right now. he has given his first interview since his wife kate middleton gave birth to prince george on july 22nd . he'll have a lot to say about being a new father. the cnn interviewer asked the prince about the moment he came out of the hospital with george in the car seat and had to install it and look at what he had to say.

>> it wasn't my first time. i know there's been speculation about that. i had to practice. i was terrified that it was going to fall off or wasn't going to close properly so i had practiced with that seat. i like to keep harry's nappy changed.

>> did you do the first one.

>> yes. i had never midwife staring at me. he is growing quite quickly. but he is a fighter. he doesn't want to get in his seat that much which is a little bit of a problem.

>> this is the first we're seeing of this interview. a little bit revealing there. talking about the personality of the baby.

>> i love that it's his nappy.

>> that's what you call him, right.

>> yeah, that's what we call him.

>> how he's looking forward to getting back to work because he might get a little bit of sleep.

>> some rest.

>> you don't realize how sleep deprived you're going to be.

>> yeah.

>> but really a good interview. i expect we'll find out a lot more tomorrow as well with the interview and pictures that will be revealed as well.

>> first time dad is always a blessing. it's lovely.

>> it is.

>> and then four weeks in you're like boy, there's a lot of diaper changing that goes along with a baby.

>> yeah.

>> and no sleep. did you see the oprah interview with lindsey lohan .

>> i saw pieces of it. it's very honest. i commend her for that. i do.

>> do you think she is really ready to make a come back?

>> who knows? only she knows. but at least she has done this interview and just put it out there so she is dispelling all the rumors and setting the record straight. i commend her for that. i really do.

>> it's interesting. oprah really talked very --

>> honest.

>> honestly with her. but i asked her what was your addiction? was it alcohol ? was it drugs?

>> it was alcohol , right?

>> alcohol but then lindsey also said she used cocaine as well. that was sort of one thing lead to the other.

>> yeah.

>> but take a look. this was her first interview since finishing those 90 days of court-ordered rehab.

>>> are you an addict?

>> yeah.

>> and what is it you are addicted to? what is your drug of choice or drugs of choice?

>> alcohol .

>> alcohol ?

>> yeah. because that's -- and that in the past was a gateway to other things for me.

>> other things --

>> i never abused -- i tried cocaine with alcohol . i'm my own worst enemy and i know that. i don't blame anyone for my mistakes. i don't blame anyone for driving a car while drinking. i don't blame anyone for me having to go to court. i did that. i did that and i'm not proud of it.

>> she is owning up to it for the first time. i think you really hear her say this is all my fault. it's not my parents fault. my parents were parents. she is owning it. the question is with oprah sort of helping her along with this new documentary series that they're going to be following -- eight-part series following lindsey's come back. it will be interesting to see what ends up happening.

>> i wonder what is going to happen. she has been very up front about it. that's a good thing but how long is that going to last?

>> yeah.

>> that's the question.

>> i think there are -- this is a country of second chances. the question is third, fourth, fifth chance, i don't know. you can only hope. she is so talented.

>> she really is.

>> and she has a huge future if she really pushed herself --

>> on the straight path.

>> the straight path and gives herself the chance she deserves.

>> that's brave admitting i'm addicted to alcohol .

>> and brave to say alcohol and cocaine as well.

>> yeah.

>> this is the first time we're hearing her own up to the fact that she was an addict.

>> yeah.

>> all right. here's a question for you. you've got lovely long locks. would you chop them off?

>> you know what, i would. i have been contemplating it now for the last year. i would. just to about here.

>> the bob is very in.

>> whether i would actually do it or not is a whole different story.

>> well, there is a new poll and it says for women 46 is the age that a lot of women decide to give the long hairdos the chop.

>> i think it's sort of a mature look. i think sometimes if you have the really long hair --

>> you can look young from the back and old from the front.

>> i think sometimes it draws the face down perhaps.

>> would you go shorter?

>> i have gone shorter. i don't know -- i mean, maybe a bob as well.

>> right.

>> i don't know that i can go much shorter.

>> i like having the long hair. i do like it.

>> if we all had hair like yours it looks amazing. but if you take a look at the women --

>> she looks cute. she looks amazing. that's me?

>> yeah.

>> that's me?

>> is that you?

>> that's like with the jennifer goodwin. i had no idea they were going to do that. that's the jennifer goodwin hair.

>> hold on a second. that is you and you didn't even know that.

>> could you do one of her. do one of mel b. that's very hot right now the pixie. look. i don't think i could do that.

>> it's less maintenance also.

>> mel b. there you go. what do you think?

>> no, i'm not feeling that.

>> i don't know.

>> you would wear it well.

>> i like that. i like that look.

>> but some women who, you know, wear it very well regardless of age is julianne moore is 52 and has the gorgeous red hair .

>> yeah.

>> i love her hair.

>> and kathie lee turned 60 friday and we love her hair.

>> these are reasons why not to cut your hair.

>> well, the thing is with hair, you can grow it back.

>> that's true. goldie hann. can you imagine her with short hair?

>> i can't.

>> your hair is your identity, right?

>> why is it 46 is the age?

>> well, i think at that point women reach that i'm not quite 50 but i need a more mature look perhaps? i don't know i've thought about it in the past at what point i would cut.

>> your length is good, though.

>> yeah, i don't think i would ever go shorter. i did not like the pixie on me that i saw there.

>> i thought you looked cute.

>> let's move on to sex. questions about sex.

>> oh.

>> oh.

>> what about it.

>> well, apparently people that have frequent sex make more money. this is according to also new research. you guys are great with that? people who have more sex make more money?

>> is that true?

>> well, they say the data from the institute for the study of labor in germany and it reveals that employees having sex more than four times a week make nearly 5% more.

>> that's an effort. four times a week.

>> that's a lot. when you have kids, i'm like, who are these people? and getting up the hours that we get up.

>> i do.

>> you do? four times a week.

>> well, he's the same age as me and my best friend so we get our freak on a little bit. did i actually just say that? i did. i did.

>> this is very revealing.

>> the kid versus to have the knock on the door policy. so they don't just barge into your room.

>> you can lock the door too, you know.

>> no, we do the knock on the door thing.

>> there's a link between the bedroom and making more money.

>> why i wonder?

>> perhaps people are more content in life. if you're having more sex you're happier and maybe that translates to all areas of your life.

>> that would make sense.

>> so you're more successful in life. successful in bed and successful in life. she does get her freak on. now we know something about mel b .