TODAY   |  August 19, 2013

Makeover mania breaks out on plaza

TODAY celebrates Fan Appreciation Week with great beauty giveaways for guests of the show this morning, plus makeovers by L’Oreal for a few lucky crowd members.

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>>> it is fan appreciation week on the "today" show and here on the plaza as we take a little time to celebrate our viewers. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie and mike bettis who is in for al this morning. we're here on the plaza for the next couple of weeks while they're under construction in studio 1 -a. getting a little make over in there. they're fixing things up. we'll come out every day until whenever it's ready. we'll take some time to spend with our fans here.

>> we cannot let them leave empty handed. so we have surprises we're going to reveal all morning long. the first surprise is behind the curtain that you see right there. some of our lucky crowd members will be getting make overs today by l'oreal, a blow dry by dry bar.

>> thank you but that's not all. we have things for the entire plaza audience. what's happening.

>> let's show them what they won. bettis's beauties with us this morning. first of all the l'oreal paris lip stain and then shampoo and sunscreen for a hot sun any day when it's sunny outside, you need you some uv.

>> can we just do the curtain drop? it's so exciting. [ cheering ]

>> some of these people will be heading back there.

>> we'll call that the spa section of the plaza this morning.

>> perfect.

>> don't forget to tweet us and tell us why you love today . use hashtag todayheartsfans and we may use your