TODAY   |  August 19, 2013

Kids’ fall trends: Animal themes, catchy colors

Amy Goodman, who wrote the book “Wear This, Toss That” shows how to send your kids can back to school in style with catchy colors, shirts with animals and mixed-up textures and fabrics.

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>> on today's style, back to school fashion and the latest trends to put your kids at the head of the class . amy is the author of wear this toss that.

>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> they're so cute. let's get started with our east meets west trend.

>> yes.

>> all over the run ways for fall this season and this also really also in the southwest, if you will. so we have little olivia here. she is wearing a peasant blouse.

>> look at her. she is so cute.

>> isn't she adorable? the emotiobordery around the neckline. it's about patterns and colors.

>> awe.

>> she looks like she could be your child, mel.

>> she's got your hair.

>> you have four at home already.

>> four girls, yeah.

>> both of you are adorable.

>> yes, andrew has the 2-in-1 sweatshirt. actually does double duty. you can take off the arms and it become ace vest which is pivotal this season and then the pants durable for the playground.

>> you've got to love h&m.

>> it's such a great buy. those are 9.95. don't forget those amazing fringe booties on olivia .

>> they're so cute.

>> i love those booties olivia , do they make them in my size.

>> they do.

>> awesome. you knew i'd be asking.

>> are you going to take her home? her mom is giving you the look.

>> adorable.

>> thank you so much.

>> good luck at school guys. be good.

>> next category, now this is the great outdoors and great layering because that is perfect for fall. fiona is coming out with isaiah .

>> would be of the big things is the animal prints. whether it's a shirt or dress. this is the little scarf on there also animal and then have fun with accessories, a sparkle hot and sparkle backpack. i love the moccasins. they're adorable and the applique.

>> this little thing is cool too.

>> he has a lunchbox that has a blackboard inside, you can write notes inside from the parents. and then of course he has the outerwear. the down vest is so awesome and so warm.

>> i love that. can i have that? can i carry that to my kids.

>> come on. come on.

>> i want that, give it to me.

>> kids are like who is this lady?

>> you guys are great. isaiah , thank you so much. thank you fiona.

>> i'm taking that home. i'm coming for that.

>> get out of here while you can. run kids. next category is the mix it up look. and we have mismatched looks and little madeline -- come on out madeline. yeah, like to mix and match. she has the top which is carried over from last year. the skinny lepord jeans.

>> and look for the graphic shirts this season. they're everywhere.

>> zap, kapow. go for the comic strips and everything.

>> kids love that.

>> and of course from t.j.maxx the striped sweater there.

>> are those your real glasses?

>> they're cool.

>> i did the outfit around the glasses.

>> last category is prep meets punk. this is a classic preppy look.

>> you have to leave now buddy. you have to leigh.

>> see you later .

>> all right. so here we have a little bit of older crowd.

>> hey guys.

>> our first models, she has from joe fresh kids an amazing trend. vera wang and great for twitter and the two accessories on the hair. we of course, for ethan, i love his separates especially the shirt-tie set.

>> very english preppy.

>> yes, very classic and anna is wearing this from jcpenney and also her sneaker wedges.

>> you guys look great and amazing.

>> you do.

>> amy, thank you so much. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.

>> i'm going to get that lunchbox.

>> all right. isaiah brought the lunchbox back. are you going to give it to her?

>> can i have it?

>> come on.

>> have a great day. .