TODAY   |  August 19, 2013

Cook up Curtis Stone’s Korean steak tacos

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone shows how to make Korean steak tacos for an end-of-the-summer party or family dinner, along with guacamole on the side and an Arnold Palmer cocktail to wash it all down.

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>>> in today's kitchen, steak tacos with a twist are on the menu and curtis stone says it's the marinade that makes the difference.

>> i agree.

>> nice to see you.

>> there's a great story behind this involving your son hudson.

>> right it's a korean steak taco. we had a 1 hyundai party for him which is a korean tradition.

>> because your wife lindsey is korean.

>> that's right. she is half korean and my mother-in-law is korean.

>> she looks grumpy there.

>> i thought she looked gorgeous.

>> you celebrate 100 days .

>> you celebrate 100 days of life. we were hung over from the party and we got this food and turned it into a taco.

>> here's how.

>> brown sugar and a little bit of soy and plenty of sesame oil and then just a little bit of canola oil as well. mel, you're hopeless in the kitchen.

>> i'm not good in the kitchen.

>> next ingredients i have garlic.

>> i love garlic.

>> chrili pepper.

>> why am i doing all the work?

>> because you look good doing it.

>> this may get back to -- stefan, your husband he came to my house.

>> he had a cook off.

>> i had to get a cleaning crew.

>> messy.

>> but he's good. that's all that matters.

>> you just pour that on over.

>> you say do this a day before. you want it to soak?

>> yeah, do it a full day ahead of time. if you only have half an hour you'll still get flavor into it in half an hour. get that over. spread it all over the steak .

>> and what steak is that? what kind of steak is that?

>> this is flank steak which is good because it's super affordable and super tasty . but getting that marinade with the brown sugar and move it around.

>> the taco slices too.

>> beautiful.

>> over here i have one cooking for awhile.

>> look at that.

>> so you cook it for about 10 minutes on each side. not too high a temperature. that's the key to this.

>> you want it a little rare.

>> you still want it nice and pink on the inside. and i have one that i have gone ahead and cooked over here.

>> look at that.

>> you do the corn tortillas which you also put on the grill.

>> right. corn tortillas that you grill. and this is the easiest slau you'll make. cabbage, carrots, cilantro and --

>> green onions.

>> scallions.

>> you toss all of those together and if you have a little bit of a marinade left over.

>> i'm going to make myself a taco here. i have been waiting for this all morning.

>> that hasn't touched the meet yet, right? so the flavor will be incredible.

>> look at that.

>> the steak gets delicious flavor into it and into my guacamole i have this mixed with plenty of fresh lime juice.

>> you like it chunky.

>> i do.

>> you work it together.

>> my mouth is watering.

>> okay. let me make you one.

>> all right. so you load it up with the steak .

>> is it too early to eat steak ?

>> no, are you kidding me? never too early.

>> all the crew is going no, it's not too early.

>> around here it's never too early to eat anything when it comes to the crew.

>> that looks tastey.

>> it looks really good.

>> all right curtis.

>> here, mel, one for you.

>> you survived kathie lee 's 60th.

>> yeah, it was a lot of fun.

>> it wouldn't be her birthday if anyone was sober.

>> recipe is on our website.