TODAY   |  August 19, 2013

Hot Google searches: Princess Di, Marvin Gaye, more

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg chats with Natalie Morales and guest co-host Mel B about the weekend’s top Google searches, including Princess Diana and comparisons that claim Marvin Gaye’s song “Got To Give It Up” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” sound a lot alike.

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>> many of you spent part of your weekend on your computers and smartphones looking up the stories that caught your attention. here to break down the hottest searches is our google technologists daniel.

>> good morning daniel.

>> we do these google searches, mel, it's not necessarily the biggest search but what spiked.

>> trending searches.

>> okay. let's talk first about princess diana . they're reopening or looking into new evidence.

>> yeah, so over the weekend people were looking up princess diana because there's reports that there's new information tied to the death of princess diana back august 31st , 1997 . apparently not officially reopening the investigation but of course people are curious to know what is this information? how relevant is it? how accurate is it?

>> we're not sure exactly what the information is. there's reports that it's tied to a british specialist, army specialist at some point bringing this forward but no details have emerged.

>> there's always been speculation about her death.

>> yeah, conspiracy theories.

>> exactly and, you know, there's a new movie coming out about her in september. so of course this interest is going to continue for awhile.

>> coming up on 16 years. hard to believe.

>> wow.

>> since her death.

>> all right. next to marvin gay 's song "got to give it up" apparently it saw a big spike. people listening to the song because there's controversy of whether or not it sounds like another very familiar song, blurred lines.

>> exactly. marvin gay passed away in 1984 but people are wanting to hear does it sound like blurred lines?

>> it does.

>> well --

>> so the creators of the song blurred lines, robin thicke actually sued marvin gay 's family in. in a sense it's a best offense of a good defense. they're defending the allegations that they somehow copied the song. they're litigating right now. we'll see what the out come is.

>> but people want to hear it for themselves and make up their own mind.

>> it's similar.

>> it's similar but if it's different enough is that --

>> i like them both.

>> okay. let's move on to michelle wi and the 23-year-old professional golfer apparently set up a little controversy when playing at a tournament this weekend on the 16th hole.

>> yeah, it took place over the weekend, finished over the weekend. this is a competition between the u.s. and europe. the women were playing and on saturday she left the 16th green without letting her colleagues from europe finish their puts. this is a big no no in the golfing world. she posted saying she felt horrible. she was very tired. she later said she was truly sorry. so clearly she felt badly about all of this and people have forgiven her in a sense. but it's one of the things in the golfing world that caused a stir.

>> and etiquette issue.

>> well, "the butler" did you see that this weekend?

>> i haven't. i know it's going to be a tear jerker. i'm not sure if i'm ready for it.

>> fantastic reviews. number one at the box office .

>> $25 million. oprah is in it which doesn't hurt and what people were looking for was the comparisons to what really happened. he worked with 8 presidents from truman to reagan. the character in the movie is cecil gains. if you want to see the stories of jfk's tie being given to him and what did he do with it afterwards. did he sit with the reagans at a state dinner , how much did he get to know the obama, all of these things people want to check out.

>> what's fact or fiction or made for movies.

>> some is true and some is more fictional.

>> always great to have you here. thank you so much.

>> lovely.