TODAY   |  August 19, 2013

Freshman scores free tuition with half-court shot

Markus Burden, a freshman at Ball State University in Indiana, sank a half-court shot during a “Welcome Week” event for new students, winning free tuition for his spring semester. Burden is the first to make the shot and win the prize.

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>> there's incredible weekend we saw this weekend. an indiana student at a basketball game attempts a half-court shot. take a look at what he does.

>> he does it.

>> boom.

>> gets in.

>> that's in.

>> it's nothing but net. look at that celebration there.

>> i don't know what their mascot is there.

>> his name is marcus burden from ball state making that shot. it's apparently for the welcome week festivities and he scored free tuition for a semester.

>> that's brilliant.

>> so that is actually worth something.