TODAY   |  August 19, 2013

Study: More sex you have, the more money you make

TODAY’s Natalie Morales and “American’s Got Talent” judge Mel B chat about new research that found employees who have sex more than four times a week make more money on the job than those who get busy less frequently.

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>> oh.

>> oh.

>> what about it.

>> well, apparently people that have frequent sex make more money. this is according to also new research. you guys are great with that? people who have more sex make more money?

>> is that true?

>> well, they say the data from the institute for the study of labor in germany and it reveals that employees having sex more than four times a week make nearly 5% more.

>> that's an effort. four times a week.

>> that's a lot. when you have kids, i'm like, who are these people? and getting up the hours that we get up.

>> i do.

>> you do? four times a week.

>> well, he's the same age as me and my best friend so we get our freak on a little bit. did i actually just say that? i did. i did.

>> this is very revealing.

>> the kid versus to have the knock on the door policy. so they don't just barge into your room.

>> you can lock the door too, you know.

>> no, we do the knock on the door thing.

>> there's a link between the bedroom and making more money.

>> why i wonder?

>> perhaps people are more content in life. if you're having more sex you're happier and maybe that translates to all areas of your life.

>> that would make sense.

>> so you're more successful in life. successful in bed and successful in life. she does get her freak on. now we know something about mel b .

>> all right.