TODAY   |  August 19, 2013

Too much to do? There’s an app for that

A new app called TaskRabbit is putting a new twist on personal assistance by crowdsourcing everyday tasks on your to-do list. TODAY Correspondent Jenna Wolfe shares details about the mobile marketplace and how it could revolutionize the lives of busy working parents.

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>>> can't find enough time in the day to get everything accomplished? now there's ways to do it.

>> wow, are you pregnant.

>> you're here.

>> yes, i'm pregnancit. think of this as a new twist in personal assistants. a way to outsource our every day tasks. from the mundane to the massive it may help evolutionize your list.

>> you want it, you got it.

>> jeff is on a mission buying beef for a complete stranger.

>> is this one of the stranger tasks you have gotten.

>> no, this is a typical task.

>> typicals for a task rabbit. a new player in the art of errands.

>> dry cleaning picked up or dog food delivered you can find friendly background check task grab it to connect with.

>> her describes it as a mobile marketplace where you can hire people to tackle your to do list.

>> you get to decide how much you're willing to pay to get something done.

>> the concept came to her one night in 2008 . on her way out to dinner she realized she was out of dog food and didn't have time to run out so she thought wouldn't it be great if she could just pay someone to get it for her. from there, task rabbit was born. within three years it blew up and out of boston. so how does it work?

>> she has been hired to create and deliver a party in a box.

>> birthday hats, yes.

>> jeremy is performing a surprise singing telegram . for $80, it's a win win for buyer and seller.

>> it's pretty easy. i sang a telegrahm and made money.

>> all go through a background checking process as well.

>> would it work on any task, like this bathroom cabinet that had me at a loss.

>> now what?

>> this is sarah. per profile brags i love braking a sweat building ikea furniture.

>> can you handle it?

>> definitely.

>> of course you can.

>> an hour later, an installed cabinet.

>> a job well done.

>> did you enjoy it?

>> i very much did.

>> it's also something women are embracing, especially the beyond busy mom set.

>> i have a full time job. i have two kids.

>> task rabbit which now operates in most major markets across the country is part of a new trend in what's called the social economy .

>> what we built goes far beyond just tasks, small jobs and errands. we're redefining who your neighbors are.

>> so think of this as companies like airbnb and wide sharing and ask for task rabbit by design. no cash is exchanged. all payments are done online and the company typically takes 20% of every transition.

>> outsourcing. you can outsource your labor.

>> i am.

>> i said you are literally expecting in the next couple of days.

>> i said good-bye yesterday but this is officially it for me after this.

>> just for now.

>> i'm going to go rest.

>> we do have a little something for you that we wanted to give for you and the baby.

>> her little baby girl .

>> you're so sweet. thank you so much.

>> you need a peacock.

>> everyone needs a peacock.

>> you're such a great athlete but this is a huge undertaking to be thinking about giving birth. are you scared?

>> it 's wonderful to take yourself out of your comfort zone for a little bit and this is 9 months out of my comfort zone . i'm excited about it. i'll get back in shape.

>> i saw you trying to sit down on the couch.

>> wait until you see me try to get up.

>> we love you. good luck.

>> thank you. talk to you guys soon.

>> all right. you're going to be amazing.

>> we can't wait to meet her.

>> thank you. you and me