TODAY   |  August 19, 2013

All eyes on new father Prince William

In his first interview since the birth of his son Prince George, Prince William reveals he “had to practice” fastening the car seat before the royal baby’s big July debut at Saint Mary’s Hospital. The first pictures of Prince George at home are scheduled to be released tonight.

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>> it's appropriate to do things differently.

>>> when asked about that spotlight that's going to be constantly on him and his new family from now on he said it's not a position he really wants to be in but he understands his position and his responsibility. i think what will be really interesting too is tomorrow, actually, the palace is going to release tonight and we'll see them tomorrow morning on our show, the first pictures of baby george with the family. and just as kate and william like to break royal tradition and kind of do things in their own modern way as much as possible, they're going to release pictures that supposedly they took themselves. the palace isn't confirming this or revealing any details at this point but it's been reported that these are going to be sort of candid pictures of the baby at home. back to you guys.

>> we shall see. michelle kosinski , thank you so much. we knew he practiced with that