TODAY   |  August 19, 2013

Lindsay Lohan to Oprah: ‘I’m my own worst enemy’

The troubled actress sat down for an emotional interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which Lohan vowed that she’s clean, sober, and ready to leave her past behind her.

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>> lohan. she sat down with oprah to talk about addiction, rehab and her future. kristen has more on that. good morning to you.

>>> good morning. oprah winfrey has been busy these days after turning around her own cable network she is starring in the butler and on sunday night she aired her sit down interview with lohan. the actress declared she is clean and sober and ready to reboot her career.

>> do you think you can turn it around?

>> yeah, yes.

>> lindsey lohan is trying to make the ultimate come back. she tells oprah winfrey she is looking ahead toward her future. focussing on her recovery and set on rebuilding her career.

>> as long as i stay honest with with myself and just do the work that i am willing to do and have been willing to do and am doing then there's nothing that can stand in my way of that. i'm my own worst enemy and i know that.

>> the 27-year-old completed her latest rehab stint, her 6th this past july. she must continue therapy into late next year. while she admitted to having an addiction to alcohol and aderall she confessed to using cocaine which she used no more than 15 times.

>> are you an addict?

>> yeah.

>> what is it you are addicted to? what is your drug of choice? or drugs of choice?

>> alcohol.

>> alcohol.

>> yeah. because that's -- that in the past was a gateway to other things for me.

>> lohan told winfrey that she was surrounded by hangers on and didn't have proper guidance when she moved to los angeles at age 18.

>> so you're just a girl living the life.

>> and i didn't listen to my family when they would say come move back to new york, right before everything started to go down.

>> a string of legal troubles and failed attempts at rehab landed lohan in jail for two weeks in july 2010 and surprisingly she says she wanted to be there.

>> why? was it a cry for help?

>> i think it was just to find some peace.

>> really?

>> and just have no choice but to just sit and be. and i was -- i'll never forget that moment --

>> how desperate is that that going to jail feels like peace.

>> yeah. it's terrifying.

>> reporter: lohan is confident her life and career are finally headed in the right direction.

>> i don't blame anyone for my mistakes. i don't blame anyone for driving a car while drinking or blame anyone for me having to go to court. i did that. i did that and i'm not proud of it. but all i can do is keep doing what i'm doing now and not have those things in my life anymore.

>> in addition to this interview oprah's network will spotlight lohan in an 8-part docuseries based on her life.