TODAY   |  August 19, 2013

‘The Newsroom’ salutes Savannah’s dancing skills

TODAY’s own Savannah Guthrie was mentioned on Sunday’s episode of HBO drama “The Newsroom” when a character remarked, “That girl can dance.”

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>>> at a cable news show. well, apparently one member of their fictional news team just learned something very true about a certain today show coanchor.

>> how did the date with the giant go last night.

>> not that good. he ditched me around midnight but i did end up dancing with savannah guthrie for awhile. that girl can dance. did you see the sheer length of her legs.

>> what we say every monday morning on the show.

>> i'm happy that my dance skills are recognized. the side clap.

>> they're good.

>> and gangnum style.

>> exactly.

>> i think you had david gregory .

>> he was being honest, that's for sure.

>> the length of her legs.

>> hanging with olivia munn . not