TODAY   |  August 19, 2013

Police probe new info in Princess Diana’s death

British police insist they are not reopening the 16-year-old investigation of the death of Princess Diana, but are merely “scoping information” after the in-laws of a former British soldier claimed that the soldier said that the Princess’ death had been arranged by army special forces and then covered up.

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>> to new questions tied to the death of princess diana that are getting a lot of attention this morning. british police looking into the tragedy once again. michelle kosinski is at buckingham palace with details. good morning michelle.

>> you hear that it's breaking news. that police are quote scoping information, recently received assessing it's relevance and credibility and you just think what could this possibly be? but now we know more.

>> reporter: british police insist they are not reopening the investigation into princess diana 's death back in 1997 in paris but are assessing new information.

>> surrounding the death of princess diana .

>> reporter: according to reliable british news outlets like channel 4 this was sparked by a special forces soldier or his estranged in laws that wrote a letter complaining about his erratic behavior and threats. they claimed they threatened their lives, intimidated their daughter and told her diana 's death was arranged by army special forces and then covered up. now generating disbelief and disgust among many who knew diana .

>> there's no evidence and if princess diana had been wearing her seat belt she would have lived. so how can this be an assassination? the reality is that princess diana wasn't murdered. she was driven by a drunk driver at high speed being chased by the paparazzi.

>> at the same time, a book is out making similar claims to those allegedly made by the soldier. a movie out next month starting naomi watts who told a newspaper this weekend, there was one particular moment when i felt her permission was granted. that won't sound right in print, i know. but maybe the most powerful concrete reminder of her life are her sons. prince harry was working with the antiland mine organization his mother champions. they continue her charity in the same ways, the same places, telling the world the value of the good works that she taught them. there was a far reaching inquest into diana 's death and also an investigation that lasted years, specifically into all the conspiracy theories that came up and both concluded that there was no evidence to support them. matt.