TODAY   |  August 18, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood to continue protesting in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood say they will continue protesting against the military crackdown in Egypt, which has left over 800 dead in recent days. NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>>> in asia there is an uneasy calm as the violent clashes and attacks we've seen over the last few days seem to have quieted down, at least for now. we are live in cairo with the latest on the scene.

>> reporter: 24 hours after the tense standoff took place outside of a cairo mosque, the situation there remains calm but definitely tense and it was after a brief gunfight between security forces that they ultimately moved in and were able to evacuate hundreds of people who had taken refuge and barricaded themselves in there too afraid to come out. on the other side the government here has been going on the pr offensive over the past 24 hours several press conferences demonizing the muslim brotherhood for what it says is terrorism activity and castigating a lot of western media for the way they've been covering the events here in egy egypt. nonetheless the muslim brotherhood says they are not deterred by the crackdown on their organization that includes the arrest of senior leaders, the killing of its members, and more security crackdowns. they say they will go ahead with their weeklong demand of protests that is supposed to start later today with marches to the courthouse and other key government buildings . so while it is calm right now, egypti egyptianss are still bracing themselves for more protests and possibly more violence in the days to come.