TODAY   |  August 18, 2013

UK police probe new info in Princess Diana’s death

Scotland Yard announced Saturday they were examining new information about the details surrounding the death of Princess Diana. The news comes just weeks before the anniversary of her death. NBC’s Mandy Clark reports.

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>>> the news that britain's scotland yard is taking another look at the death of princess diana came as a surprise to many. that investigation prompted by new information recently given to them. is that information credible or just more speculations as the anniversary of her death late they are month approaches? mandy clark is in london with more. mandy, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. well, scotland yard said it only recently received this new information about their deaths and was now, quote, assessing its relevance and credibility. but didn't elaborate on what new clues they're investigating. she died 16 years ago, but diana , princess of wales , still makes headlines. the announcement from scotland yard came from a flurry and it was brief. they were examining new information about the deaths of diana and her boyfriend dodi al fayed in a paris car crash . the claims splashed across the british newspapers shocking, allegations the two were murdered by an sas soldier, a member of britain's elite special forces . these new allegations were brought by family members of another form earp sas soldier and were passed on to police. skeptics were quick to respond to the latest news.

>> we'll get this every single year prior to the anniversary of the death of diana , princess of wales . i think the police did a thorough investigation and the frie french and both came up with the same conclusions.

>> reporter: this year's claims comes just weeks before the opening of the movie about the life and loves of diana .

>> treat me like a princess.

>> reporter: conspiracy netheories and claims of murder have continually dogged the death of the princess and her boyfriend. dodi's father, mohammed al fayed always insisted the couple were murdered. he fought an unsuccessful battle in the british courts to prove diana was killed by the british establishment because she was engaged to marry his son, a muslim. repeated investigationses have determined that their driver, he henri paul was drunk when he lost control of the car and hit a pillar at 80 miles per hour, trailed by the paparazzi. police sources last night dismissed claims as being without serious or supporting evidence but said they have to investigate every tip. scotland yard stressed they have not reopened the investigation. erica?

>> all right, mandy clark in london for us this morning. mandy, thanks.