TODAY   |  August 17, 2013

Letters from Hannah Anderson found in suspect’s home

Newly unsealed search warrants reveal that incendiary devices, ammunition and letters from 16-year-old Hannah Anderson were found at suspect James DiMaggio’s home. DiMaggio died in a standoff with authorities after allegedly kidnapping the teen. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> we are learning more about the events of the day leading up to the day hannah anderson disappeared and how she was discovered. she is with family a week after being rescued from the wilderness. we have two reports. we begin with joe in california.

>> reporter: as hannah anderson reconnects with friends and family, we are learning more about the investigation of her disappearance and murder of her mother and brother. ammunition and letters from hannah were found in james dimaggio 's home. it's not clear what was said in the letters. court documents show they made 13 phone calls to each other before both of their phones were turned off the day investigators say hannah was kidnapped. the sheriff is revealing details about what happened when fbi agents confronted the suspect in idaho.

>> he had a rifle. fired one round. lowered the rifle to shoulder height, fired one more round and was immediately shot by members of the hostage rescue team .

>> reporter: the story brings back memories for danielle. she says dimaggio 's father, james dimaggio sr. threatened to kill her. she was 16, the same age as hannah .

>> good support. she seems like a strong girl. i think she'll make it through. it's going to be a tough road for her.

>> reporter: hannah 's family is thrilled to have her back in their sights. for "today," joe friar, nbc news, san diego .