TODAY   |  August 17, 2013

Protesters defy military warnings in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood called for nationwide protests denouncing Egypt's military-backed government Friday, but it turned violent quickly, with gunfire on both sides and protesters trapped in the middle. NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>> to get to the breaking news out of egypt . a tense stand off. heavily armed police waiting outside a mosque. we are in cairo this morning. good morning.

>> good morning, erica. it was a day of rage. it lasted several hours. supportered of morsi. it is a situation that lasted well into the night and is now dangerously unfolding in this one mosque. inside a cairo mosque, a plea for help to the outside world . here, dozens of supporters of ousted president mohammad morsi have taken refuge, too afraid to come out. among them, women, wounded and the bodies of those who died. it remains tense. there's a stand off going on here. the military blockaded the area. those inside have been trapped all night long. men with sticks linger outside in the presence of military and police. on friday, the muslim brotherhood called for a nationwide protest denouncing egypt 's military backed government. it turned violent quickly. with gunfire ringing out, protesters were trapped in the middle, some forced to jump off bridges to survive. the wounded rushed to nearby mosques that became makeshift field hospitals . volunteer doctors worked to save them.

>> i think he's dead.

>> reporter: the egyptian government thinks they are fighting armed terrorists. they are torching buildings. the muslim brotherhood , they say, wants to destroy the state. egypt 's security forces have been ordered to use live ammunition. if this amateur footage shows rk even against protesters with their hands raised. despite the staggering death toll, the muslim brotherhood is undeterred. it's the price egypt has to pay to prevent a return to dictatorship. now people inside that mosque are afraid to come out because they feel they are going to be arrested by the military and police, which is trying to negotiate a safe exit for them. there are reports that police are going to try to enter that mosque and forcibly try to remove those that have been there all night long. it's a very tense situation. certainly one that has not deter deterred the muslim brotherhood to continue marches across the country for yet another day. erica?

>> thanks.