TODAY   |  August 16, 2013

Nancy Snyderman debunks new coffee study

NBC medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman says there are major holes in a new study that says people who drink more than four cups of coffee a day have a significantly increased risk of death.

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>> according to the journey of mayo clinic proceedings, people that drink 28 cups of coffee a day -- four cups a day -- have an increased risk of death. especially for people under 55. don't we all have the same risk of death, 100%.

>> this is a savannah cup right here. who drinks 8 ounces anymore.

>> but four cups a day you increase your risk of death, among men, 55 and under, 56%.

>> big headline. i'll poke a few holes in this. this did not account for the fact that people in this study had cardiovascular disease and weren't taking care of themselves. and people drink coffee because they're sleep deprived . sleep apnea . sleep deprivation . i think there's no great study that shows caffeine hurts you unless you have cardiac problems or high blood pressure . it makes you alert and it's a descent drug. just the moderation thing.