TODAY   |  August 16, 2013

Send the kids off with hot dorm-room decor

Everyone knows the essentials for being dorm-room ready, but what about the items that’ll make a space go from drab to fab? Danielle Blundell, senior associate home editor at Family Circle, shares a few, like a lap desk with a cup holder and a storage ottoman.

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>>> in the coming weeks many of you may be helping to pack up your kids and sending them to college and getting their dorm rooms ready and getting their space ready. so danielle is the home editor of family circle magazine. you found decor to turn their rooms from drab to cool.

>> we have a couple of interns helping us. haley goes to syracuse university and casey goes to kings college in pennsylvania. good morning everybody.

>> good morning.

>> this is a clean dorm room .

>> there's no beer so willie is like i don't know what this is all about. so let's start off -- we got the girl's side and the guy side. let's talk about girl's decor here first.

>> well, we've got this body pillow here which is great. you can put it on your bed and turn your bed into a day bed for kicking back in between glass.

>> class --

>> yeah, i like the comforter.

>> and we have this here. it has the holder.

>> if you're sitting on your bed you can do your work as well.

>> let's look at casey. he has a lap desk of his own.

>> college kids are always on their lap tops. so it has a built in fan to keep your computer cool.

>> how about this? the bunk bed shelf.

>> we just did a little shelf and you put a control or whatever you want .

>> i should have that on my bed at home.

>> absolutely.

>> okay and then let's talk laundry because as you know it come with the territory. they'll start doing their laundry unless they bring it home to mom. this is a great bag because it's a backpack.

>> we want to make it fun. this comes in bright colors and you have the big pocket in the front so you can put your detergent and everything all in one place.

>> okay.

>> and his when it is filled up looks like a punching bag which is cool and fun and can be hung that way too.

>> how long do you do your laundry, be honest? at school.

>> not very often.

>> maybe they'll change it.

>> that's fun.

>> and you have to have one of these to go down the hall with your stuff.

>> right. we like this one from bed bath and beyond . two big pockets for all of your shower toiletries and the middle part pops out for quick trips to the bathroom.

>> you have to love the thing.

>> and you also have the storage ottomans too.

>> you can put your linens and out of season stuff in there. people can just sit on them.

>> good stuff going on on the desk here too. pencil cups.

>> don't forget your desk. we love this. this pencil mug from they also magnetize on the end so you can put notes and paper clips and things.

>> that's good. extra decor.

>> these are great idea because you have your photos from home and these are actually stickers, right?

>> exactly. most dorm verss have the rule don't put any nails into the walls and these are fun. they help with the home sickness and then over this way.

>> you have a deer.

>> we have a big deer head. it's so cool because it makes big impact but takes up very little space which is really key.

>> and do you recommend buying the textbooks or just kind