TODAY   |  August 16, 2013

Picture perfect: See the week’s best photos

From a “healthy selfie” of Gwyneth Paltrow to a shocking photo of Usain Bolt, Huffington Post’s Ahmed Shibab-Eldin shares some of the week’s most talked about images from around the world.

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>> picture perfect a look at the stories behind the most powerful imagines of the week.

>> here with the imagines a thousand words .

>> good to be here.

>> what is the criteria for choosing. a lot of imagines every week that sort of strike a cord. how do you go about choosing?

>> you want an imagine that captures the story and bring something new to it. it can be a stunning imagine or like one of the ones we chose today there's a consequence. a magical moment. pure luck.

>> the big story of the week, the rescue of hannah anderson. we got our first glimpse of her yesterday. a closed press event at a restaurant in her home.

>> a lot of her friends were saying she was happy to see the support around her but at the same time she was surprised as to what the attention was. she didn't expect the attention but this photo in particular is one where she is dedicating it to her mother. on her ring finger , there's blue on her nails for her brother who was killed. she posted these less than 48 hours after she was found. she went back home to california. this was all posted on a special media site. they confirmed this was actually her account but they can't confirm if she was posting the photos. a lot of people found it touching but then negative reactions online. people saying is this the right way to grieve, is it not? so on wednesday the account was closed.

>> all right. next thing with the meteor shower for all the astronomers that love to look up in the sky and this was the opportunity to see that.

>> this certainly was.

>> wow.

>> this was actually -- it's astounding. it was shot in wyoming. what's so powerful about this is that this is actually a year where the sun -- the moon was very thin so we could see it really powerfully. now, what is it? a lot of people are wondering. it's when a comet comes and strikes into the earth's atmosphere. it happens every year around august 11th or 12th. next year there will be a full moon so sadly you won't be able to see it but for those that want to take a romantic date out 2015 , it will be perfect.

>> that is as trtronomy porn right there.

>> wow.

>> okay willie.

>> a lightning bolt in the sky for the bolt himself.

>> for the bolt. what's so powerful about this is it was shot, not photo shopped by a photographer. you see the lightning bolt up there. he won in 9.77 seconds. this was the lowest he has ever done at a major title and what makes it so significant. you ask why we choose the photos, two years ago he false started at the beginning. this will take special meaning . look at that. the bolt.

>> with the bolt. as he is finishing.

>> it's incredible really.

>> and really quickly, heathie is a new selfie. she looks energetic and fit. a lot of super models are doing it. the amazing thing about this is a lot of people saying are they doing this to brag. are they doing it to inspire other women.

>> that's a humble brag.

>> have you done it? no and you will never see me posting a healthy/selfie like that.