TODAY   |  August 16, 2013

Discover clever uses for olive oil, wine corks

Some of the most unlikely items can be used in unexpected ways. Woman’s Day senior editor Taryn Mohrmanshares some peculiar uses for wine corks: to light a fire, hold a door open or even mix up mulch.

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>>> you know the old joke, how many tennis balls does it take a change a lightbulb? that's not a joke but it can pull double and triple duty.

>> women's day magazine came up with clever uses for wine corks, tennis balls and olive oil . lots of great uses. wine corks, hoda and kathie lee . this is like a week. well, maybe two days of wine corks.

>> when you have your collection, this is a great way to start a fire on the first try. you take a few corks, a couple of hand fulls and put in rubbing alcohol and in the jar let it sit. i'll unscrew this.

>> easier to pour there.

>> get it there quicker but once they're submerged let it sit at least a few days.

>> they'll get soggy.

>> they'll look like this after time. when you're ready to light the fire, wrap it in newspaper. you only need two corks. don't put the whole jar in. light it with a long lighter.

>> i've never heard that. that's great.

>> amazing.

>> you can do that with with these things.

>> they're great for water retention either outside on in a house plant . we're going to put them in the household blender. you can do about 5 or 6.

>> saturate them first?

>> we are. this will make sure they are nice and moist. soak them in water overnight.

>> okay.

>> then you blend.

>> okay.

>> wow.

>> after some time.

>> we get the idea.

>> they're going to look like this. put them right on top of your house plants or mix them in with the mulch and then you'll have nice, happy plants.

>> do you ever wonder what your friends and neighbors think about you when you're blending wine corks.

>> got to invite them over and get them in.

>> door stop. take your cork, i'm not going to do this on air because i will hurt my finger but start in the middle and cut out. flip it around and do it the other way until it's half. it will look like this and grip to your floor.

>> cool.

>> let's talk olive oil .

>> paint remover , right?

>> we paint sometimes and we're left with the spots we can't get off.

>> you're using sugar.

>> about a one to one ratio. you're going to wash your hands with it over the sink. get it in there, lather up and maureen is showing us how it works. you're going to scrub and get in there good and then after your hands will be so soft and smooth it's a 2 - 1 .

>> and you can use it to open a stuck zipper as well.

>> we all have a zipper that drives us nuts.

>> you don't want to spray it on the fabric or the leather.

>> dip the olive oil and get the excess off and apply to the body of the zipper and glide back and forth and do it a few times until it's going smoothly.

>> that's a good one. now people have cats, for hair balls , you say to put it in their food?

>> exactly. just a little bit of olive oil can help your cat digest any hair they swallowed. works for dogs too. always consult with your vet because it can vary.

>> yeah. makes it taste better.

>> they probably won't notice.

>> tennis balls , cutting them in half.

>> sometimes it's stuck in there or it's hot because it just went out. this will give you the grip and protection so you can screw it off quickly and easily. throw it in the drawer and use it at a later date.

>> scuff marks on the floor, you can use it as well.

>> they can be hard to get rid of but you'll see it will start to transfer to the bottom of the ball.

>> like an eraser.

>> very clean floors.

>> okay and one last one here.

>> we cut a one inch slit in the top of this ball and we put it on the bottom of our kick stand and that will allow you to keep the ball upright whether you're on uneven surface or not.