TODAY   |  August 16, 2013

911 operator gives bride gown to replace stolen one

A distressed bride called 911 to report a stolen wedding dress on the day of her ceremony. Candice, the call operator, was so touched by the situation that she gave the bride a wedding gift: her own gown, which she had worn just 18 months prior.

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>> yahoo, a touching gift from one bride to another. the last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is calling 911. but a woman found herself in dire straights when her wedding dress was stolen on her big day .

>> i'm calling to report some stuff stolen. my -- my wedding dress .

>> are you getting married today.

>> yes.

>> what size is your dress?

>> well, the operator whose name is candice was so touched that she lent the woman her own wedding dress which she had worn about a year and a half earlier. luckily, both women wore the same size. we'll have more coming up in our third hour. such a great story.

>> going from unlucky to lucky.