TODAY   |  August 16, 2013

Before reno, anchors recall Studio 1A memories

For the past seven years, the TODAY family have been giving viewers a window on the world in their beloved Studio 1A. Now the studio is being redesigned  – but before that happens, the anchors look back at some of its most memorable moments.

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>> look. it's time to say good-bye to studio 1 -a as you know it. for the last seven years or so we covered countless stories here and talked to the biggest guests and had a lot of fun as well but after today's show our home will get a brand new look.

>> live, from studio 1 -a in rockefeller plaza .

>> good morning everyone.

>> a brand spanking new studio. we'll take you on a little bit of a tour. each morning begins right here. this is the location in studio 1 -a we call home base . it's a window on the world .

>> japan's prime minister calling this the greatest crisis in the country since world war ii .

>> suspect in the boston marathon 's attacks.

>> the baby prince born 4:24 london time.

>> from the last seven years from this desk we brought you the news of the day. the stories that shape the daily conversation. stories of triumph and of tragedy.

>> 69 days under ground.

>> killed by u.s. forces in pakistan.

>> one thing to see it from the ground but when you see it from the air it is truly striking.

>> from breaking news to ground breaking moments, this has been our seat to watch it all unfold.

>> breaking news in cairo.

>> our daily front row seat to history, and yours as well.

>> just steps away from home base is the interview area here in studio 1 -a. this is the hot seat .

>> do you regret having said that now?

>> do you really need to run for public office ?

>> the place where we got to meet the people making news.

>> let me debunk your premise.

>> politicians, entertainers, living legends , every day heros. it's a place where we held people accountable.

>> i'll ask it to you bluntly, is paula deen a racist?

>> a look at the people and places behind today's biggest stories.

>>> well, i'm here at the sofa area inside studio 1 -a and much like you at home this is where we have gathered over the last seven years. this is where we have shared our story.

>> do you have news for us? henry and i are pregnant or i'm pregnant.

>> are you kidding me?

>> we made new friends. some in extraordinary circumstances.

>> people are watching right now and they're saying, you know, yeah, his skin is blue.

>> there have been a lot of surprises along the way.

>> teresa come on in. grandma, you haven't had a chance to see erin since she won miss usa .

>> we are expecting our 20th child.

>> we never missed an opportunity to lighten up our morning and yours.

>>> this is what we call the production area. it's really the most versatile part of our set. this has been where we get to stretch our leg ace bit. eat, drink, be merry. from professional opinions to controlled chaos, there's been unforgettable moments and some interviews that will live on forever.

>> bring out our last model.

>> is that another one.

>> oh my god.

>> we went a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll . a little bit hollywood. through it all, there's been a lot of laughs. of course, a lot more to come. [ music playing ]

>> i think she served us well.

>> she has, indeed.

>> a lot of great memories inside this studio. i remember that before we install this studio, we spent several weeks out on the plaza back several years ago during the summer and it was a lot of fun.

>> i remember the day that brian williams came on the first day you debuted the new set, he said i'll have the hot stone massage . he thought it was the spa feel.

>> is it too early to start grabbing furniture and fixtures.

>> they bolted it down.

>> matt, you're old hair brush. i guess you don't need that anymore, though.

>> oh.

>> just kidding.

>> wow. getting kicked on the way out the door. by the way, some pieces of the set are going to the museum down in washington.

>> that's cool. we'll come visit you set, we promise.

>> we'll see you in a few weeks.

>> let's go.

>> we will toast on our way out of studio 1 -a.

>> a concert from luke bryan after your local news.

>> i'm going to take it home. that's a nice one.