TODAY   |  August 16, 2013

Happy 60th, Kathie Lee! Hoda surprises b-day gal

TODAY’s own Kathie Lee Gifford is celebrating her 60th birthday Friday, and to mark the occasion, her Fourth Hour co-host Hoda Kotb visited the Gifford home for an early morning birthday surprise.

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>> you know who else is trending this morning, kathie lee gifford . it's a big day . her 60th birthday.

>> we want to do a little celebrating. hoda kotb and curtis stone are at her house. hoda breached the moat and making her way through the front door. what's going on.

>> i swam here. she has no idea we're out here. there's an nbc news truck and band.

>> might she be watching right now.

>> she doesn't watch.

>> no, she never watches our show. let's be real, okay. you ready curtis ? go. the party is starting.

>> hoda holds that like it's a microphone. she talks right into it [ knocking ]

>> quick, quick, quick.

>> boy, they're slow to come to the door. unless she is sleeping in today. it's her birthday.

>> is she home?

>> she's home. [ music playing ]

>> happy birthday .

>> is that a bloody mary ?

>> another day at kathie lee 's house. bloody mary .

>> happy birthday .

>> hoda woman.

>> happy birthday .

>> thank you sweetheart.

>> we prepared your favorite dessert for you.

>> oh, curtis .

>> for breakfast.

>> while you're eating, look up. look up in the sky . look up high.

>> oh my gosh. it says happy birthday kathie lee .

>> come on. it's a party.

>> this is amazing.

>> come on. it's your party.

>> oh my god.

>> matt, savannah, natalie, are all back at the studio.

>> hi guys, how are you.

>> how long will it take us to get there? that looks like fun.

>> happy birthday .

>> thank you, matt. thank you everybody. you know i got a card this morning that said you know why 60 and sexy sound so much alike?

>> why.

>> because you're hearing is starting to go. that's what it is.

>> meanwhile, kathie lee --

>> i'm 60.

>> we don't have a lot of time because your neighbors have called the police to get hoda and curtis out of there.

>> we're holding up a glass of champagne.

>> this is so nice you guys. thank you, where is that. thank you curtis .

>> cheers.

>> cheers to you kathie lee .

>> we love you. happy birthday .

>> 60 years of joy.