TODAY   |  August 15, 2013

These 60-plus makeovers shock husbands, friends

Stylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin make over two women over 60: One has only gotten three haircuts in her life, and the other’s friends are shocked when they see her gorgeous new look.

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>>> we're back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. it's time for our plaza ambush makeovers. all week long for two women my age, which is --

>> 59 plus tax. i already told you. in honor of kathie lee 's big birthday, we are at it again. with the help of our talented friends who have outdone themselves this week. "today" contributor, luis licari and jill martin. luis licari la, la, la, la, la

>> how was today different than yesterday?

>> it actually was because it was just a great crowd. overwhelming.

>> and jimmy buffett fans.

>> that's right.

>> first up is mary. she's 64 years old from wallpingers falls -- whapingers? anyway, new york. she's never cut her hair. we surprised her with a glam new style.

>> one day to klg's birthday and you get the makeover today.

>> i am so excited, jill . it's unbelievable. i never expected this.

>> i know you're a little shocked.

>> i am. most definitely. all i wanted to do was come see jimmy buffett and this is over the top .

>> now you get to do both. how do you feel about this?

>> oh, this is fantastic. jimmy was her bucket list. makeover is certainly on mine.

>> all right. we're going to take care of you.

>> thank you, jill . i appreciate that.

>> you ready?

>> yes, ma'am. ready to go.

>> we like him. len , please keep your blindfold on for just a second. here is marianne before. let's see the new you. she's a lady

>> whoa! all right.

>> oh, my.

>> are you ready? take off your blindfold. it's your moment.

>> holy cow ! oh, my god! just beautiful.

>> are you ready? you want to see yourself?

>> i'll keep her.

>> oh, my god! oh.

>> now do i like me now.

>> look in camera 12.

>> that is insane. that makeover worked. she loves it already. i can tell.

>> that's a great haircut by vanessa. she shortened the hair and made it more up to date. made it look contemporary. and it's her third haircut ever.

>> in life?

>> in life.

>> wow.

>> and then i softened the --

>> it's a completely different look. looks great.

>> all of a sudden, it softens her features. she came alive and she's vital. she's young.

>> you know who else is alive? len .

>> what do you think?

>> that dress is perfect.

>> a lot of information, but look at this body on her that we found on her. maggie london. beautiful. join len . but i'd be careful, if i were you.

>> me, too.

>> our second lady is rita taylor. how old is she?

>> she's 59 and tax.

>> she's 60 years old from florida. it's her -- in her 60 years of life she's never once colored her hair. wow. she's dynamite. so she's thrilled for the opportunity to get a brand new look. let's listen.

>> i like her.

>> you guys corrected me. you aren't cone heads. you are?

>> funnel heads.

>> funnel heads for margaritas. it's a little bit of a stretch but you did get a makeover out of it.

>> i'm tickled. i'm happy about it and can't wait to see what it's going to turn out as.

>> and what do you guys think? i can't wait to color this hair.

>> i think she's going to look great.

>> i begged her to dye her hair.

>> she needs it.

>> okay. so --

>> i love my friends.

>> and we can't wait to make you over. happy birthday , klg.

>> thank you very much. good friends are hard to find. she's here with sharon, lynn and rose. let's take one last look before and bring out that margaritaville liz. wow. ladies, all right, now is your time. take them off.

>> oh!

>> oh, my stars! it is unreal!

>> you ready, rita? turn around, sweetheart.

>> that means she likes it.

>> wow.

>> you look great.

>> you love it?

>> that said it all, right? i love it.

>> we just washed away the gray and erased years again.

>> wow.

>> such an easy trick to do. takes less than an hour, obviously, and --

>> look at the difference!

>> makeup. remember, less is best.

>> oh, and tell us about the outfit.

>> three pieces you can mix from white house , black market .

>> what do you think?

>> this is great.

>> marianne, step out here. a big round of applause. for luis and jill . thank you so much.