TODAY   |  August 15, 2013

Luke Bryan: ACM award was ‘biggest music highlight’

Country singer Luke Bryan is out with a new CD called “Crash My Party,” and his upcoming tour will benefit farmers. He tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that winning Entertainer of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards was the highlight of his music career.

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>>> he is country music 's fastest rising star . luke bryan is having quite a year. he hosted the academy of country music awards with blake shelton --

>> who?

>> blake shelton . and while he was there he happened to snag the entertainer of the year award.

>> can you imagine how blake must have been so upset.

>> and his first headlining tour his been sold out since the spring. and his latest album called "crash my party" is headed to the number one spot on billboard's 100 chart.

>> i'll drink to that.

>> a little drink of something.

>> let's have a little sip of something to celebrate that. yeah.

>> there's more to celebrate.

>> what is --

>> actually, big straw. big straw.

>> how did it feel to get the entertainer of the year award? that's a big deal .

>> it was really the biggest highlight in my life as far as music is concerned. and what was funny about blake is with blake and i hosting, we were backstage when they were, you know --

>> announcing?

>> when shania was announcing the nominees, and blake was going, it's you. it's you. it's you. and i was like stop it, stop it. when they announced me, blake just picked me up and squeezed me.

>> so he was really happy for you.

>> he was really amazing.

>> like he needs more awards.

>> and a hot wife with miranda. what else does he need?

>> he's practically broke i hear.

>> yeah. but it --

>> still, there are those people that cannot be happy for you. they are not -- it's not in them. they cannot share your joy.

>> blake is truly, and, you know, co-hosting with him, my first really co-hosting gig, he was a pro getting me kind of piggybacking me through that.

>> how was that experience? i watched you guys together.

>> i was so focused on hosting, getting the hosting job right, that, you know, like i almost forgot about the nominations and the performance.

>> how many were you nominated?

>> three. and then i had a performance. and my performance was crash my party and i flubbed the words on the front part. i was like -- somehow i kind of -- i was like watermelon, watermelon.

>> that's the problem when you have a hit. they know the lyrics.

>> but it was the first time, we debuted the song so nobody -- so i just sang something and got through it.

>> were your kids there? did they come to watch?

>> they don't come to vegas because it gets crazy, but they're here. my wife and my kids are here.

>> they'll be on the plaza tomorrow when you rock the plaza.

>> just live here for one second.

>> tater bug and bobo.

>> do they have musical abilities like their daddy?

>> beau is the oldest. he has like drum sets and he gets up there and plays on the drums.

>> so he's into it.

>> and tate just tries not to get beat up by beau, but, yeah, they are here and they are gone to the zoo. my 5-year-old, he is like, all he's talking about is the statue of liberty . i want to see the statue of liberty . in the next few days we'll be on a ferry going out there.

>> you'll make a memory he'll never forget.

>> sdwhat your wife think of this sort of -- everything that's happened in your career?

>> it's fun. we truly have a good time. and we have a good time with our friends and all this. we try to -- the beauty of my career is the progression has been a nice steady deal that we can kind of figure out what makes us freak out and what makes us --

>> how long have you been married now?

>> going on 7 years. 6 1/2 years.

>> so she was with you before --

>> oh, yeah. we dated in college. i had my college band there so she gets the whole deal.

>> she's been a part of it the whole way.

>> we dated in college and then broke up for like 5 1/2 years.

>> why?

>> well, i was graduating college and she had like two years so she wanted to kind of have fun and --

>> it was her?

>> well, when we broke up, we were -- i was like, i think we're going to break up. it was never like a -- we never had like a knock down, drag out.

>> but you missed each other?

>> yeah, we always felt a pulling for -- she and i to get back together.

>> is everyone going to be on the plaza tomorrow when you rock this place?

>> he's going to be here.

>> it's going to be great. you know, when you -- like i said, these moments like this happening --

>> he was saying right beforehand. forgive me because we do have to go. he was saying he can't believe all this stuff is happening to him.

>> it's crazy.

>> it's a beautiful thing how --

>> like somebody else is living in this.

>> gets to live it.

>> -- in this form of