TODAY   |  August 15, 2013

Peace, love, Doritos: Police give munchies to stoners

The Seattle Police Department will be supplying 1,000 free bags of Doritos Friday to attendees of Hempfest, Washington state’s annual celebration of marijuana. This will be the first Hempfest since the state legalized the drug, and police are taking advantage of the situation by placing facts and information about the new law on the bags of munchies.

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>>> you, you're missing out. "hempfest" is where rebelers gather for an open use of marijuana. this is the first hempfest since washington state legalized pot use. and the police there are just going with it. they're handing out bags of doritos . 1,000 bags. first of all i love doritos . i have like a google alert for doritos .

>> and for hemp.

>> so it's not just to satisfy munchies, but they have new information on the laws.

>> jimmy buffett just jumping on