TODAY   |  August 15, 2013

Guess who? Anchors play ‘Lil’ Picasso’

Willie and Al play the TODAY version of “Lil’ Picasso,” a game made famous on NBC’s “Hollywood Game Night,” where child artists draw pictures of famous faces and celebs compete to guess the subjects.

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>> we play some games here. hollywood game night is tonight on nbc. they're going to play a game called lil picasso. so willie and i are going to go head to head. i'm the host this time, and we have the "today" show staffers kids to do the art work. we're going to chime in with these, here we go, first one, go ahead, al.

>> that is natalie?

>> come on.

>> taylor swift .

>> look at what she is holding, it's two people.

>> a baby.

>> kate middleton . next one, ready?

>> justin bieber?

>> wow, very good. by the way, or the work by sarah and very well done.

>> very good likeness. okay, ready, third by erin, eight years old.

>> lady gaga ?

>> jolie with the leg on the red carpet ?

>> nice detail.

>> next one, ready? all right, can we guess? do you need a hint? a really good dancer.

>> justin timberlake .

>> i thought that too.

>> does a show, and dancing is part of the show.

>> second to none, short hair, a lady --

>> ellen de generis.

>> okay.

>> ready, next one? willie, pay attention. this one is by let's see --

>> that's clooney.

>> how did you know that?

>> the beard.

>> good job. good job to our artists by the way.

>> a talented staff here.