TODAY   |  August 15, 2013

Busy ‘Momprenuer’ raises kids, runs candy company

Mother of three Christine Moore began making candy in her own kitchen just after her first baby was born, and now she sells her delicious confections to more than 100 stores across the country. TODAY contributor Soleil Moon Frye reports.

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>>> back now with moms that turned a little idea into a big business . they reached out on our website and the social media community, and we found several busy moms that created their own community.

>> welcome back.

>> hello, my friends.

>> we're going to talk about candy and bridal gowns .

>> i have a very big announcement. we have a newest edition to the family here.

>> congratulations.

>> now a new baby to join the family.

>> congratulations.

>> we're so excited.

>> so poa and jagger get a new buddy.

>> yes, and i wanted to share it here first so you hear it live from me.

>> you're part of our family, we appreciate it.

>> i'm already, you know, from having a couple others, my body immediately went like this right away.

>> all right, let's turn to our new mompeneurs.

>> a single mother of three began making candy in her kitchen shortly after her first baby was born. she started making salty caramels and then marshmellows. 14 years later, she now sells to 100 stores across the country and also opened her own cafe called little flower .

>> and christine moore is here. you started with just donating to schools, is that how you got the word out?

>> i believe in donating to local schools, it's like free advertising. moms talk about it and it's a great way to get your business out on the forefront.

>> so how long until you turned a profit?

>> we were pretty quickly. we had some wholesale accounts right away. the cafe i hoped about seven years later. i'm a baker by trade, not a candy maker , and the cafe is busy and we feed people every day.

>> you're a single mom , three kids, running a bakery and cafe, how are you managing all of that.

>> i would take them to the office and they would sleep and it was 3:00 in the morning. but you just get up early and go to bed late like any other mom.

>> what advice do you give to other moms or dads at home that want to start that company from their kitchen or living room.

>> i think the number one key to anything like this is passion. you have to be passionate about it and you can never give up. you have to push through the hard times . there is sleepless nights . you'll be working for money for a long time, there's no quick remedy, but you can never give up on your dream. maybe your kids feel like part of the business too. they used to go with me and deliver candy --

>> they're part of everything.

>> they could go to jones on third, and they would get treats, it was fun.

>> our next mom peneur joins us next, look at her story.

>> she worked as a wedding planner and watched in brides struggle to find a sample dress over the size ten. so she opened a store to cater to brides size 12 to 22.

>> and she joins us. clearly pregnant as well.

>> so so excited i can touch my belly now, i have been hiding it for so long.

>> there was a huge need. we're women, we come in awe different shapes and sizes. and out there in the regular bridal stores, there just isn't anything for brides that are size 12 and over. i really wanted to cater to that and that need for the side 12 and up woman.

>> how do you find a balance between it all, juggling it all?

>> it's a challenge. you take it day by day , and priority for me is always my family. so at the end of the day if i don't get work done, that's okay. it's all about family and business comes second.

>> when you find a need and you feel like you can do it, and you do. great job. great job to our ladies and mompeneurs.