TODAY   |  August 15, 2013

New kitchen gadgets could brighten your morning

Are your mornings crazy? Consumer Reports has rated some of the top products to help you get through the breakfast rush hour, and Mandy Walker, senior editor, shares some of the best ones, including a breakfast maker and a deluxe toaster.

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>>> know all too well that getting everyone out the door on time in the morning can be stressful, and every minute counts, so sometimes there is not tyke for breakfast.

>> so we graded and rated the best kitchen products. m mandy walker is here with the ones that scored the highest.

>> when we test products, we find out what is important to consumers. we look at performance, we look at what features they like, and we test those. and we look at safety that is a big feature. with toasters, we want great features, and toasters that shut off if the break gets stuck, and they all did that.

>> this is the high end side, this is for two toasting --

>> this is the top performing in all of the tests. it is about $60. there were some that were $250. it did a great job, a nice range of doneness, so someone that likes it just a little, someone that likes it dark, a great range.

>> this is the best buy model. did a great job, also has a bagel feature, and it has extra deep slots.

>>> okay, coffee makers , and we're doing the pod coffees here.

>> yes, get a cup quickly.

>> the coffee is delicious, and it's the top performing. it is $150. there were some that were $450. it brews a very fast cup, a fast second cup as well. it has a great temperature.

>> there is a lot of flavors and you have to use their pods, correct?

>> yes, and the keurig. it also gave a very hot cup, and it's a great deal. water temperature evenly maintains.

>> sandwich maker, this is a breakfast sandwich maker. you can do other things while it is cooking. you put a piece of bred in the bottom, close it, break your eggs, top piece of bread, and it takes about 9:00.

>>> and this is a gadget --

>> yes, it is suppose todd -- supposed to separate the eggs.

>> and the next one requires taste testing over here, right?

>> cereal is so expensive lately. the raisin bran is the walmart bran and the target brand is the sl shredded wheat .

>> how did they stack up?

>> they were better tasting and much less expensive. they were 25 cents per cup.

>> and you might notice, we have a nice tender raisins and a nice toasted oat taste.