TODAY   |  August 15, 2013

Latest craft craze for kids: Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom kits, which enable kids to make customized bracelets out of rubber bands, are the latest fad among the younger set. Aoife Rouse, an 11-year-old expert, shows the anchors how to get in on the craft craze.

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>> that is sweeping the nation this summer, today's jenna wolf is here with details on that.

>> sometimes accuse me of being excessive with things. i don't think i am, i think i'm right on the money. you have seen these everywhere, colorful rubber band bracelets. they are called rainbow looms.

>> coming zoom, rubber band bra bracelets, made on a loom.

>> and a design not by the toy industry , but by a mid western family who built a business out of their basement.

>> this started as a weekend project with my daughter, and they said dad, this is so cool.

>> the family posted how-to videos online .

>> i would put rubber bands in the bags.

>> they had so many orders to fill, they had to install an elevator to get the boxes up to their garage.

>> it's mind blowing.

>> when michaels stocked them nationwide, 20 stores sold out immediately. a rare overnight sensation . rainbow looms have had videos pop up all over the state. kids are making bris lets for their friends and parents. and old skill with a modern twist. turning a simple rubber band into all of the rage.

>> they told this week, and now the kids are going back to school and they can wear and trade them with classmates.

>> you love this, don't you?

>> yes.

>> why?

>> it's fun, and there are so many colors, and portable, and fun to make.

>> is it hard to learn? it looks complicated?

>> well, what you do is you place them like that,