TODAY   |  August 15, 2013

Donny Deutsch: Celebrity weight-loss ads less credible

Commenting on Jenny Craig’s change in strategy, advertising executive Donny Deutsch says that celebrities aren’t as accessible or relevant to consumers as “real” people who don’t have access to trainers and nutritionists.

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>> so what does it all mean for the weight loss industry? we have donny deutsche and brook albert. do you think this is a smart move on the part of jenny craig ?

>> yes, if i said to you jennifer hudson lost 40 pounds. if i say your next door neighbor lost 40 pounds, it's more credible. this celebrity wears this watch, soly be cooler. you don't feel more --

>> do you think consumers are getting wiser that even if the celebrity does the diet plan they have so many other advantages that it's not at compelling.

>> stars are not like us, they have so many resources. nothing is better for weight loss than seeing their neighbor or friend and what worked for them.

>> there is something else also happening with celebrities overall. 20 years ago, you saw a celeb any an ad and you go wow, you see them everywhere every second and they don't pop so much. and we have reality people, real is more relevant to people, and i think we will continue to see a downward slope.

>> what does motivate women? we're agreeing it's not really the celebrity endorsement .

>> women like a weight loss community and they like dialogue. that's really great about seeing someone they recognize or someone that really is like them because it's a dialogue they can have if can be two girlfriends talking about what works for them in this weight loss program, and it is really important for women.

>> what do you think, donny, works when it comes to women? these companies are still pouring millions into the endorsement deals, it must work some time.

>> i'm going back to aspiration. michael jordan wears these sneakers, i can jump higher and feel like him.

>> when you're talking about weight loss and some of these programs that are usually associated with the big endorsements, do they work? as a nutritionist, do you say all right, this is a recipe for weight loss ?

>> a lot of them do work for weight loss , but what they're lacking is a recipe for maintenance and how it can work into a lifestyle for the long run, versus an acute weight loss period.

>> what do you think is the most effective selling point for these industries? it is a hue industry.

>> eat less, exercise more. boom, you got it. eat less.

>> brook, you have to have a better answer.

>> you need to find what will work for you, what you can maintain in the long run, and what makes you feel good about yourself.

>> thank you, i guess. when