Jenny Craig

TODAY   |  August 15, 2013

Why Jenny Craig is abandoning celebrity endorsers

We’ve all seen celebrities in advertisements for weight-loss programs, but Jenny Craig is moving away from them. Why? Because they aren’t effective, research shows. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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>>> you need a celebrity endorsement to buy into a weight loss program. one when is trimming the fat when it comes to all of those famous faces.

>>> the diet business is a hefty industry worth about $61 billion. and a lot of celebrities fatten their pockets by doing endorsements. now jenny craig announced they are shifting their focus away from the star spokespeople.

>> we have all seen them, they're ever where. celebrities endorsing weight loss companies.

>> eat your favorite foods.

>> several big names hit the air waves to tout their own weight loss and collect big paychecks in the process. but does an endorsement from a hollywood star really make a difference?

>> now jenny craig is rolling out new animated ads that focus on foods, not celebrities. tize -- advertisers say that celebrity pitches are not the best option.

>> if it's a celebrity i really like, i usually remember it, and if it's not, i don't sometimes. sometimes, just what celebrity is making the pitch can be a turn on our a turn off.

>> the basic problem is they don't appeal to everyone. you think about finding a celebrity, it's really difficult to find one that fits everyone.

>> they say they don't plan to get rid of famous endorsers completely. they say their new strategy is about delicious pood, personfood, personal consultants.

>> at any given time, there is about 108 million dieters in the country. more than 80% try to lose on their own, so these companies are appealing to have very big audience.