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TODAY   |  August 15, 2013

Michael Jackson used propofol in ’90s, ex-wife says

The late pop star’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe testified in court detailing Jackson’s use of the drug that ultimately killed him, Propofol, as early as the 1990’s. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> heads. savannah?

>> thank you.

>>> now to a big moment in the trial of michael jackson . his ex-wife debbie rowe was very emotional when she took the stand.

>> since her 1997 divorce, debbie rowe has tried to avoid the spotlight. she was forced to testify about the king of pop . she was often in tears. he respected doctors incredibly. his fear of pain was incredible and i think doctors took advantage of him that way. right n rowe was there when he was provided treatments. "these idiots were going back and forth all the time not caring about michael. they would call and say they have a better drug, they were competing." she said jackson used the drug that killed him, propofol, as early as the mid 1990s . rowe said that while he was touring in europe, his hotel room was turned into a surgical suite. jackson 's family is suing aeg live saying they were responsible for hiring dr. conrad murray who gave jackson the lethal dose of propofol.

>> it was a risky move calling debbie rowe . who knows if they will believe her. if they do, they don't know if there are other doctors behaving badly . on the other hand, he was so vulnerable and gullible, aeg should have been more careful.

>>> aeg live who called rowe as a witness hope to convince the jury that it's not their fault. back in court today, jackson 's ex-wife is expected to face cross-examination. for "today," nbc news los angeles .