TODAY   |  August 15, 2013

Warrant: Teen’s kidnapper tortured mom, brother

New details have been released in the case of James DiMaggio, who was killed in a shootout with FBI agents in Idaho after allegedly abducting 16-year old Hannah Anderson and killing her mother, brother and dog in their Calif. home. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>> thank you, chilling new details emerging about the abduction of hannah anderson and the murders of her mother and brother. joe pryor is joining us again.

>> investigators wanted to monitor cell phones , e-mail pages, and facebook pages for the suspect and victim. newly unsealed search warrants reveal what started as a house fire call quickly growing to so much more. they discovered the body of tina anderson in a detached garage with a you bar near her head. herson, ethan, was also found in the home. dimaggio tortured and killed his best friend's wife and son and family dog . after he set the house on fire. when investigators realized that 16-year-old hannah was missing, search records played a role. their cell phones were both turned off around 4:00 p.m . the day she was kidnapped. that's about the time she was picked up from cheer leading practice. but the warrants made it clear they thought hannah was in danger, a point stressed again by the sheriff.

>> she was a victim in this case, she was not a willing participant and under extreme duress from the time she was taken until she was recovered.

>> reporter: it ended on saturday when dimaggio was shot and killed by fbi agents in rural idaho. an autopsy reveals that dimaggio was shot fei times in the head and chest.