TODAY   |  August 15, 2013

Frantic 911 calls from Conn. plane crash released

The hectic 911 calls to a lone town dispatcher after the small plane crashed into two homes in Conn. are being released. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> we're hearing for the first time this morning the frantic 911 calls from last friday's deadly crash of a small plane into a connecticut neighborhood.

>> good morning, this is the first time we're hearing panicked neighbors call in. these calls may be difficult to listen to.

>> how much people on board?

>> we don't know, i mean he was inbound, and he just fell out of the sky and crashed.

>> reporter: panic set in as the tragedy unfolded.

>> the twin propeller plane was upside down when it hit a row of homes just blocks from it's destination.

>> a woman is saying she has two children in the book room where the plane is.

>> okay, what did the plane crash into?

>> the house.

>> two sisters, age 13 and 1 were in that house. the two people on the plane, a former microsoft executive and his son, were also killed. the vigil was held for them.

>> officials should have a preliminary report done in a few weeks, and once that wreckage is clear, the homes will be demolished.