TODAY   |  August 15, 2013

Bradley Manning: I’m sorry leak ‘hurt’ the US

The convicted army private made an abrubt about-face before a military judge, saying he was sorry for leaking hundreds of thousands of secret U.S. documents to Wikileaks. NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski reports.

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>> natalie is here now with information on a dangerous new wild fire out west.

>> yes, it has destroyed at least 14 homes and it is threatening hundreds of others. the fire has consumed an es mated 2,000 acres, 300 homes have been evacuated so far. bradley manning took the stand on monday and he pleaded with the judge for a chance to become a productive citizen. jim joins us now. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, already convicted in the biggest leak of u.s. secrets in history, bradley manning through himself at the mercy of the court. after long claiming he was a whistle-blower, bradley manning did an abrupt about face. he apologized for the first time for leaking hundreds and thousands of u.s. secrets. he said, "i'm sorry that my actions hurt people, and hurt the united states ." he has been charged with leaking a treasure-trove of secret documents to the wikileaks website. including this gun camera video of a helicopter attack. manning testified that he thought he could change the world . the army released a photo ofm n manning dressed as a woman while serving in the army. manning told the court that was no excuse for my action. he sold the judge he knows he must pay the price for his decisions. but in a plea for mercy, asked for the chance to prove that he is a good person and can return to a productive place in society.

>> reporter: natalie, that could be awhile. the judge expecting to sentence manning sometime next week.

>> thank you.