TODAY   |  August 14, 2013

Showdown on the plaza with ‘Million Second Quiz’

TODAY goes head-to-head in a battle of wits to celebrate Ryan Seacrest’s newest production, “Million Second Quiz,” which launches its new app today. Viewers who download it and play along can earn a chance to be on the live show once it airs on September 9th.

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>> c.

>> who was the composer of the 4 seasons . did you put it in already?

>> yeah, we did. all right. nice job.

>> only five seconds to answer on the app. i have been playing it all morning. geena davis placed 29th out of 300.

>> archery. archery.

>> don't say it out loud.

>> well, we have to go on record.

>> checking answers. we both guessed that.

>> got it right. you can continue to do this 24 hours a day . did i read this right that if you do that and you become the ultimate winner you could win something like $10 million.

>> we're still playing because we can't -- i think it's conservative.

>> oh, missed it.

>> okay. well, anyway, yes, if you serve a certain amount of points you are actually a contender to be on the live show. so the app is for fun. i think it's the biggest game show prize in history.

>> ever.

>> ever.

>> matt is beating us savannah. what's up with that.

>> matt can't even read the questions because he doesn't have his glasses. so i'm looking up here.

>> that's our only advantage we have over here.

>> check it out at and keep your eyes open for the million second quiz.

>> at a beaus on september 9th .

>> that's right.