TODAY   |  August 14, 2013

Work it out! KLG, Hoda crown ‘Next Fitness Star’

Michele Promaulayko from Women’s Health joins five finalists from the magazine’s “Next Fitness Star” contest as they each demonstrate their signature fitness moves. Then Kathie Lee and Hoda reveal the winner, who will star in up to six fitness DVDs.

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>>> they are some of the fittest women in the country, women's health magazine recently went on a search for the next fitness star and the five finalists are here to show us their signature moves.

>> before we crown the winner, we'll find more about the search from michelle , editor in chief of "women's health" magazine. you're on the hunt for the next jillian michaels ?

>> exactly, we needed some fresh talent, so we launched the next fitness star search and got thousands of entries. these five stood out from the pack.

>> each one of the five is going to show us one move. now stacey 's first. from minneapolis, minnesota. you've had two kids?

>> two kids.

>> shut up. show us your move, girl.

>> we're going to do the sumo spot with the twist. take it down. i specialize in functional training. what i love about this total body move is you're working your legs, your seat, your core. you just squat, lift, and twist.

>> all right. let's move on, got to go through it quick. let's go to tarah lee, 31 years old from aurora, colorado. obese most of her life, she lost 91 pounds. can you believe that?

>> show us your moves, girl.

>> i love to do a lunge to squat combo because it works every muscle group in your legs. i also like to add something to it, get the calories burning. really get those calories burning.

>> next up, girl, jam and jelly murphy. she's our next contestant, 26 years old, lives here in new york city . your move is more aggressive, it's a high kick?

>> i'm going to be honest, i changed it last minute because i heard you guys say yesterday you wanted to work the backs of your arms, so my favorite move is a reverse plank, goes just like this and works the back of your legs and back of your arms and you're holding it asymmetric asymmetrically.

>> looks like a table. eat off your stomach she's so flat.

>> kit is 30 years old, a pilates instructor from l.a. show us your move.

>> this is my pilates fusion move. you take your legs out wider than your hips and come down. this is stretching out the legs while working the legs, stretching the side body, but i'm also holding a jump rope , so you can do 30 seconds of jump rope in between.

>> oh, my god. final one, she's 33 years old from houston, used to be a financial analyst but said to heck with that. anyway, show us your move, sweetie.

>> this is inspired by surfer bodies because it's incredibly healthy, fit, and super healthy. what you do is go on a seated position, put your hands on your side, knees bent, and go ahead and crunch in.

>> crunch in.

>> in and out.

>> michelle is going to announce the winner right this second. she's got the envelope, please. you do it, michelle .

>> the winner stands to be featured in a dvd series for women's health and featured in the magazine.

>> and gets a crown.

>> and the winner is stacey clarke!

>> oh, my god.

>> stacey ! stacey !

>> tiara.

>> i don't know why there are wine glasses , nothing to do with anything.

>> congratulations!

>> this is a gift for you.

>> congrats to everybody.

>> you're all adorable.

>>> tomorrow, country star luke brian.

>> and actress and author danica mccleler and used to be whitney cooper on tv.

>> anyway, almost your birthday. see you tomorrow.