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TODAY   |  August 14, 2013

‘Duck Dynasty’ family talks beards and the Bible

The nine members of the Robertson family from the hit show “Duck Dynasty” chat with Kathie Lee and Hoda about how most of them never thought they’d be successful, and how faith and weapons play big roles in their Louisiana lifestyle.

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>>> this is what happens when two chicks from the city go duck hunting and leave their tweezers at home.

>> not pretty.

>> who would have thought that a reality show about a family that sells duck calls --

>> hit it!

>> -- could turn into such a hit.

>> apparently somebody was very, very smart about the robertson family of "duck dynasty" attracted nearly 10 million viewers for last season's final episode. a lot more than we get.

>> a lot more. they are back in tonight's premier of season four. in that, their kids throw their parents a surprise wedding in honor of their 40 -- is it 49th, you guys? anniversary. take a look.

>> good job. looks awesome.

>> yours look too --

>> smug?

>> here comes the cake.

>> somebody say cake?

>> hey, babe.

>> where have you been?

>> i had to get dressed.

>> you look nice.

>> you look like an idiot.

>> i'm wearing the same thing you are.

>> but i make it look good. that's the difference.

>> all right, here we are.

>> women with whiskers are not a deal breaker.

>> with us we have phil, willie, jase, jeff, and uncle si. in the back we have jessica, missy, korie, and kay robertson. look at y'all. what a family.

>> wow.

>> what doesn't fit? we think the four in the back doesn't fit with the group in the front.

>> congratulations on having one of the biggest, probably most unlikely hits that television's ever had.

>> we were as surprised as everyone else.

>> wow.

>> you didn't think it was going to go, right? why did you think it was red necks like us?

>> that's me, exactly what i said.

>> agreed.

>> who thought it was a good idea? raise your hand? why, willie?

>> i'm a business guy, i thought it would help our business to promote our duck calls more. this family is odd, to say the least.

>> in a good way, though, in an adorable way.

>> one thing that's caught a lot of people's attention, not only are we all turned on to duck hunting , but there's a segment you guys don't shower, which is one of my favorite times to read about. how long do you go during duck hunting season without bathing?

>> we do it for a few days just to get in the spirit of the wild .

>> get a little crusty.

>> my dad does it the whole season.

>> how long's the season?

>> 60 days.

>> 60?

>> kay, what's that like for you?

>> i do make him wash his beard.

>> you do?

>> he won't tell y'all, but occasionally he does.

>> ladies in the back, do you guys like the beards? you do? what is it about them that you like? tell me.

>> i feel safer with the beard.

>> why?

>> well, if we're out and go to a movie late at night or to eat, nobody's going to mess with him.

>> they might ask for his autograph.

>> is it weird, you guys, with all the attention? uncle si, when you walk down the street, are people mobbing you for pictures?

>> can't walk down the street.

>> do people come to your house and stuff?

>> all the time.

>> tell us about that.

>> i'm asleep, okay, my wife gets up, so i wake up and i hear -- i look at the clock, it's four minutes after 12:00 , midnight.

>> yeah.

>> i said, something must be wrong with my hearing, i know i didn't hear that.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> no.

>> do you let them in?

>> you don't have body guards yet?

>> no.

>> just don't answer?

>> didn't answer.

>> you need a big dog .

>> i'm going to get a fence, a sign on it, and a big dog behind the fence. the sign says i'm not responsible.

>> what do we have to remember?

>> we have dogs that alert us to whoever's coming and you have to admit in our part of the country, lots of weapons, so if you are into robbery, rape, or mayhem, wrong house.

>> i don't think so.

>> faith is a big, big part of your whole family life , isn't it?

>> we'd rather have a bible study with you, but if you want to rape our women --

>> we get it, we get it. i'd love to come to bible study with you. no intention of hurting anybody.

>> we took a weird turn.

>> he's invited smith and wessen to the bible study .

>> we'll have a bible with